Thursday, 12th June 2014

Event Location
09:30-10:00 Registration Registration Desk
10:00-10:15 Conference Opening Salón de Grados
10:15-11:45 Session I: Robotic Vision

Session Chair: Ismael García

  • 3D data compression for RGB-D data
    Vicente Morell-Giménez, Miguel Cazorla, Sergio Orts and Jose García-Rodríguez
  • 3D laser from RGB-D projections in robot local navigation
    Luis Vicente Calderita, Juan Pedro Bandera and Ricardo Vázquez-Martín
  • Global image features for scene recognition invariant to symmetrical reflections in robotics
    David Santos-Saavedra, Xosé Manuel Pardo, Roberto Iglesias, Víctor Álvarez-Santos, Adrián Canedo-Rodríguez and Carlos Vázquez Regueiro
Salón de Grados
11:45-12:15 Coffee break
12:15-14:15 Session II: Domestic Robotics

Session Chair: Miguel Cazorla

  • Building Low-Cost Mobile Manipulation Platform for RoCKIn@home Competition
    Francisco Javier Lera, Fernando Casado, Carlos Rodríguez and Vicente Matellán
  • A robotic platform for domestic applications
    Francisco Martín, José Mateos, Francisco Javier Lera, Pablo Bustos and Vicente Matellán
  • Home automation with web interface using JdeRobot
    Daniel Castellano and José María Cañas
  • An Integrated and Low Cost Home Automation System with Flexible Task Scheduling
    Joaquín López Fernández, Diego Pérez Losada and Enrique Paz Domonte
Salón de Grados
14:15-15:30 Lunch Cafetería I
15:30-17:30 Session III: Human-Robot Interaction

Session Chair: José María Cañas

  • Learning Emotional Affordances based on Affective Elements in Human-Robot Interaction Scenarios
    Felipe Andres Cid and Pedro Núñez
  • Toward Social Cognition in Robotics: Extracting and Internalizing Meaning from Perception
    Jesus Martínez-Gómez, Rebeca Marfil, Luis Vicente Calderita, Juan Pedro Bandera, Luis J. Manso, Antonio Bandera, Adrián Romero-Garcés and Pablo Bustos
  • A General-Purpose Architecture to Control Mobile Robots
    Luis J. Manso, Luis Vicente Calderita, Pablo Bustos, Javier García, Moisés Martínez, Fernando Fernández, Adrián Romero-Garcés and Antonio Bandera
  • Clustering Analysis for Codebook Generation in Action Recognition using BoW Approach
    Jordi Bautista-Ballester, Jaume Vergés-Llahí and Domenec Puig
Salón de Grados
18:00 Visit to the Flight Simulator Centre
21:30 Gala dinner Hostal San Marcos

Friday, 13th June 2014

Event Location
09:30-10:30 Keynote

Luis Paulo Reis

Key Issues and New Trends in Human-Robot Intelligent Cooperation

Luis Paulo Reis, University of Minho, Portugal

In the future, humans and robots will have to work together as a team, in complex environments, in order to solve difficult problems and perform very hard tasks. Thus, methodologies to enable intelligent robot-robot and human-robot cooperation are needed in order to allow this joint work.

This talk will be focused on methodologies for creating multi-robot and human-robot heterogeneous teams with emphasis on the interaction/cooperation methodologies developed on the following projects: FC Portugal, HearBot and Intellwheels. FC Portugal project developed methodologies for creating heterogeneous robotic soccer teams capable of following human/robot high-level coach advice using concepts such as strategy, tactics, formations and setplays. The project enabled our research groups to win more than 10 World/European robotic soccer championships of distinct leagues/competitions, including simulation 2d, simulation 3d (humanoids), coach, rescue simulation, small-size and middle-size leagues. At HearBot, together with Honda-RI Japan we developed human robot interaction methodologies enabling advanced interaction while the robots dance to the beat.

Finally, at Intellwheels project we developed the concept of intelligent wheelchair (IW) with flexible human-robot interface. The user is capable of creating his own multimodal human-robot interaction language that may inclusively be learned from scratch and that may then be refined, using the human-robot interaction information, while the user drives the IW. The talk will be illustrated results, examples and videos taken from live demos of these three projects.

Salón de Grados
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Session IV: Navigation and Localization

Session Chair: Humberto Martínez

  • Efficient Local Path Planning for UAVs in unknown environments
    L. Rodriguez, Jose Antonio Cobano and Aníbal Ollero
  • A Multi-layer Description of the Environment using Curvature Information for Robot Navigation
    J. Almeida, Luis J. Manso, Antonio Bandera and Pedro Núñez
  • Dynamic Bayesian Networks for semantic localization in robotics
    Fernando Rubio, M. Julia Flores, Jesus Martínez-Gómez and Ann E. Nicholson
  • Ocean Model Ensemble for Glider Path Planning
    Daniel Hernández, Leonhard Adler, Josep Isern, Jorge Cabrera, Antonio Domínguez, Enrique Fernández and Víctor Prieto
Salón de Grados
12:30-13:00 Red AF Annual Meeting Salón de Grados
13:00-14:30 Session V: Systems and Applications

Session Chair: Pablo Bustos

  • Development of a Navigation System for a Robotic Shop Guide
    Manuel Ocaña, Ángel Llamazares, Eduardo Molinos, Noelia Hernández, Fernando Herranz, Pedro Revenga and Elena López
  • Collaborative architecture design for on-road beaconing robots
    Jose Luis Martínez, Guillermo Martín and Ignacio González
  • Creation of Robotics Simulations in a simple way with Easy Java Simulations
    Almudena Ruiz, Humberto Martínez-Barberá and Francisco Esquembre
Salón de Grados
14:30-14:45 Conference Clausure Salón de Grados